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Cliff Hope
Toronto Ontario Canada

Photographs by

Cliff Hope



Unloading sugar from Greece in the Toronto Harbour at Bathurst Street ... more lakeshore pictures
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Collecting a lot of pollen! ... more photos Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory ... more photos

Collecting a lot of pollen!

Marina at the foot of Liverpool Road Pickering  Photo Cliff Hope Bird on the deck, photo Cliff Hope
Sunset at the Pickering Marina, Pickering Ontario
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Backyard Wildlife, Toronto Ontario
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Brimley Woods Photo ©  Cliff Hope 2010 Maza 3 taillight Photo © Cliff Hope
Brimley Woods ...............Mazda 3 Sport

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Church of the Ascension Toronto Photo © Cliff Hope Photo © Cliff Hope Home Renovation Oshawa  Photo © Cliff Hope
Photography for schools, churches, business by Netcom Solutions Ltd.
Kitchen Renovation Scarborough Photo CLiff Hope Kitchen Renovation Scarborough Photo Cliff Hope
Kitchen Renovations in Scarborough Netcom Solutions Ltd.
Home Renovations ... kitchen bathroom basement decks fences


St Thomas Brooklin
Trent Durham Area
United Memorial Church
Halifax Nova Scotia

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