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Photographs of the Stouffville Conservation Area by Cliff Hope

Stouffville Ontario

Founded in 1804 by Abraham Stouffer, the hamlet was originally named Stoufferville. Stouffer built a sawmill and grist-mill on the banks of Duffin's Creek in the 1820s. The community name was shortened to Stouffville when its first post office opened in 1832.

In 1877, Stouffville became an incorporated village. On January 1, 1971, the Village of Stouffville amalgamated with Whitchurch Township and was designated a community within the larger town of Whitchurch–Stouffville; with amalgamation, the boundary of the town was also moved four farm lots south of the original boundary of Main Street (the land was formerly a part of Markham Township).

In 2003, a large Huron village was discovered in Stouffville during land development; approximately 2000 people once inhabited the site, which included a palisade and more than 80 longhouses, yielding tens of thousands of artifacts.

Windmill Photo Cliff Hope Dog Photo Cliff Hope Sunset Photo Cliff Hope
View at the edge of the pond View of the Pond Beside the pond

Marina Photograph Cliff Hope